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About Dreamflakes

Dreamflakes is a design studio that brings a confluence of design, technology and aesthetics. We build brands, develop design systems, formulate strategies, create experiences, reimagine processes, discover trends and search meaning. In other words, we are a bunch of storytellers, artists, designers, developers, pathfinders and explorers.


We create new experiences that are identity driven with a rational focus on business outcomes. Our interdisciplinary team help your business build better products and user experiences that are organic and emergent in nature. With a diverse mix of design disciplines, we create products that take a holistic look at the user experience from every angle to deliver an experience that truly connects with them.

Why do we Exist?

People, communities and businesses have flourished when they were able to create "systems of identity" to represent their values, etiquettes, aspirations and uniqueness. The word "culture" is often used in a loose manner to describe these varied expressions.


We believe that a systems view will help to better capture the complexity, diversity and importance of all the actions performed to create identities. It has been the role of design to translate and articulate these visions and aspirations into concrete forms.


A good design is rarely a symbol, more often it is a grammar to generate expressions, and a map to create the future. For a hundred years or so, design has been leading the change in this domain.

Dreamflakes is a design company. We work in the interstices of art, technology, design and aesthetics. We create design systems, spaces and experiences for people, businesses and communities. We help them articulate a vision, build an identity, develop a language, find a voice and search for meaning.

We strongly believe that diversity is vital to human survival and progress. Monologues are boring; dialogues open possibilities. Diversity is the prime mover of creativity; it motivates people, businesses and communities to create better things, services and experiences.

Dreamflakes exists to encourage these diverse voices and help them articulate a vision by means of art, design and technology. We help them create better products, services and experiences; we help them solve problems with better systems, processes and strategies.

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